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Childbirth Education

Offering customized and small group childbirth education classes to expecting individuals and families all around the Chicagoland area. The goal of these classes is for you to feel informed, your family to feel empowered and to reduce the fears associated with child birth.

Preparing for Birth & Parenthood

Begin the life-long journey of parenthood by investing in your education. Learn about expectations during labor, how to involve your family, medical options and alternatives and developing a birth plan. It’s important to get your support team involved in this learning process so there is a collective understanding of your options during birth as well as why support is important. 

Birthing Class Curriculum

I have developed a birthing class curriculum with the goal to not only educate families but empower them in their birthing experiences. Classes will cover topics such as the stages of labor, pain management options (natural and medical), newborn care, breastfeeding and much, much more. Whether or not you choose the support of a birth doula, my ultimate goal in birth class is to prepare you and your support team as much as possible.


Enjoy birth classes in the convenience and comfort of you home or private location of your choice. In the event your location of choice is outside of my typical coverage area, we can talk about any additional fees to cover gas and travel time.

EN ESPAÑOL: Todos los servicios estan disponibles en español. 

In-Home Birthing Classes


  • Four  virtual classes of 2 hours each

  • Printed curriculum for notes and reference 

  • Time for all your questions

  • Additional topics upon request

Small Group Birthing Classes

Please get in touch to discuss rates and details for small group classes!

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