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Postpartum Doula

Get the support you need after childbirth to heal and be happy with a trained postpartum doula in Chicago. I help take care of you so you can take care of yourself and your baby.

What Kind of Support is Provided?

Postpartum support comes in many forms: breastfeeding support, meal planning, postnatal massage, sibling care, new parent education and so much more. Sometimes it's just about having someone present to listen to your concerns and feelings. Some families need help in the morning to help loosen up some clogs that formed because baby didn't nurse well overnight. Others ask for support in the afternoon, preferring herbal remedies and a quick nap as a way to prepare for the night ahead. It all depends on you and your family.


I will work with you and your family to identify areas of focus so you can prioritize health and wellness. A postpartum doula is not meant to be a replacement for family, friends or proper medical care but intended as supplemental support for everyone. 


How I Approach Being a Postpartum Doula
My goal during postpartum support is the same I strive for as a birth doula, to empower and educate new parents and their families to help them feel confident and comfortable in what comes next. Inevitably, the postpartum period will be exhausting and challenging in ways most of us never knew possible. What I hope to provide is support that helps you avoid feelings of solitude and despair, providing you space to enjoy and embrace the new addition to your family.  

EN ESPAÑOL: Todos los servicios estan disponibles en español. 

Postpartum Support


  • Emotional, mental and physical support in days and weeks after childbirth

  • Breastfeeding support for poor or painful latch, clogs, mastitis, etc

  • Support for baby wearing, herbal remedies, NICU stays, difficulties associated with preterm births, belly binding, and hip closing.

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