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My name is Isabel Gonzalez-Smith but most people call me Isa.

It’s like Lisa but without the "L".

I am a mother, wife, educator, community organizer, and bilingual Latina born and raised in Chicago. I am an International Center for Traditional Childbearing (ICTC) Full Circle Doula, a founding member of the Chicago Birth Workers of Color collective and founder of Chicago Latina Moms. I have a Masters in Library and Information Science with over 8 years in academic librarianship, research, and instruction.

I was drawn to birth work after my first pregnancy when I had trouble finding a Spanish speaking doula in Chicago and realized that resources and accessibility were an issue for many marginalized communities.


My two birth experiences were radically different. My first born surprised us at 35 weeks with 35 hours of labor to match. Our youngest arrived on his due date in rapid labor. It was the birth of my first son that changed me. His preterm birth and NICU stay lasting nearly a month included an extremely difficult breastfeeding journey. We endured the usual hurdles of starting and establishing supply common with preemies: poor latch, suck/swallow inconsistency and fatigue. It took me two months to get to a point where I could exclusively nurse my son. My second son, however, latched right away!

My background in academic research, community organizing and advocacy, along with my experiences as a mother has prepared me to be a unique source of support for growing families.


I am passionate about social justice, empowering families as they grow, and making memories with my two adventurous sons. My mission is to educate parents, build their confidence, and create community amongst families. It would be my honor to support you.

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