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Placenta Encapsulation

Your placenta contains vitamins to help you recover physically and emotionally from your birth experience and can help increase breastmilk supply. 

Why Would I Eat My Placenta?

People eat their placentas for many reason: to replenish vitamins, beat the “baby blues” or increase breastmilk supply. It can be eaten raw or grilled but the most common way is dried and ground up in a pill. While clinical studies have been inconclusive on the exact health benefits, the practice of eating the placenta has existed across many cultures for hundreds of years.

The Encapsulation Process

The placenta is transported from the hospital then meticulously cleaned, steamed, thinly sliced and dehydrated for 16+ hours. It is then ground and encapsulated into vegan, gluten- and BPA-free capsules and packaged for safe, dry storage.


Pick-up & Delivery around Chicago

Typically, we will coordinate for the delivery of the placenta after you've given birth and I will have your placenta prepared, encapsulated and ready for you within 72 hours. Delivering the final product is always a special moment for me. I feel so privileged to be able to help you harvest this life force and give you the opportunity to use it for your own healing purposes.

EN ESPAÑOL: Todos los servicios estan disponibles en español. 

Placenta Encapsulation

PRICE: $200


  • Pick-up of placenta at hospital or home  within Chicago and surrounding area

  • Immediate preparation for return within 2-3 days of placenta delivery

  • Flexible delivery of pills to home or hospital

  • Capsules are gluten free, vegan & BPA-free

  • Recommended schedule for ingestion

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